Elizabeth Wojciak

Blue space 2015 mixed media on paper 84x59 cm
Balance 2017 acrylic and mixed media on canvas 120x60 cm
Transparency 2016 oil & pastel on canvas 120x92 cm

My interest lie in themes of the female form, (self-) perception, and the connection between figurative and abstract/expressionist painting. I enjoy exploring how the feminine is represented in art, often as mysterious. I am also interested in themes of masking or concealing. I use the nude as a vehicle to convey personal insights and seek out ambiguities which lie underneath the surface.


Visit Elizabeth's website at www.elizabethwojciak.com.


Untitled#2 charcoal on canvas 105x167cm
Originary Union Eve 2007 mixed media on paper 100x76 cm
Cadged 2016 oil & charcoal on canvas 112x122 cm